Rogue Hearts mod apk (Level/Damage/EXP) v1.6.3

  • IM PROVEMENT GOOD You will be the heroes and destroy evil in Rogue Hearts. Therefore, exploring Dungeons in the game is a necessary and thorough element. The graphics in the game give
    you a realistic Dungeon environment and detailed design of surroundings. Simultaneously, the use of different tones in the Dungeon keeps the player s experience fresh during the discovery process. ROGUE HEARTS MOD APK

  • CREAT GOOD THINKS To ensure that players do not get bored with this game the manufacturer has created many different Dungeon features. It is a necessary element or appears in the genre of RPG games. Creating a beautiful look in the graphics is essential to help players have a good impression of this game and motivate them to go from level to level. ROGUE HEARTS MOD APK


As a hero, you will control your character to explore the levels, destroy monsters, and collect items. During the game, you will feel the difference in this game. This game is built in the simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG game play. In other words, it requires you to be unable to act without calculation. Besides playing strategy, do not forget
to build yourself a power to fight monsters in dungeons. One of the factors that must be mentioned is the skill –the element commonly used in this game. It cannot be used consecutively but will have a. Therefore, the user should require reasonable calculation and observation in case there are too many enemies around. ROGUE HEARTS MOD APK

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During dungeon exploration, you will encounter many enemies with different powers. Similar to RPG games, Rogue
Hearts also possesses monsters with varying levels of strength and weakness. In particular, Bosses always bring a special feeling to the players when they do not know how powerful they are. Therefore, this requires players to have vital stats, skills, and reasonable tactic. One factor that will help you use skills appropriately is to know your
range of skill usage. The environment in the game will be divided into equal squares. So when the monsters approach you, you can see if they are within the skill’ s attack range. This factor will help you a Rogue Hearts mod apk

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